1964    Tri County 4 Wheelers held their first meeting to form a club on April 3, 1964. The first election was held (26 people present) and Mr Lawrence (Shorty) Schnarrenberger was elected President. The name of Tri County 4 Wheelers Club was decided upon and the membership requirements were simply "must have a 4 wheel drive in the family or have access to one". The early    years of the club were devoted heavily to trail riding. A "Run of the Month" was held faithfully and these tours covered much of eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
1965      Discussions of having a competitive event began and on Sept 26, 1965 an event was held for members only. This first event was held to try out operations and see just what would have to be done to someday promote and host an event.
1966     The first 4 wheel event in the area was held, the 4-Wheel-A-Rama, near Pittsburgh, PA. Clubs involved included Triangle Jeep Club, Al Sweet Club, East Penn Jeepers, Allegheny Jeepers and Tri County 4 Wheelers. Three events were held, Hill Climb, Obstacle Course and a Numbers Game. Vehicle classes were simple – Bobtail and Conventional.
1967     The name “Rodeo” was first used and the traditional – last full weekend in July was determined to be the date. The Rodeo was first held at a members (Bill Houlett) property. Tri County’s famous teeter-totter was first used in the obstacle course. A “slow race” was added to the events. Safety became a concern, as seat belts became mandatory and roll-over bars were required if the vehicle had no hardtop.


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