2015 Mud Bog flyer - click

2015 Mud Bog Schedule
April 12
May 17
June 14
Aug 2
Sept 20
Oct 4
Gate opens at 9AM
Registration 11:00 AM
Racing at Noon

Gate fee $10
12 and under - free
65 and older - free
active military - free

Competitor Fee $20
per class
Running Rules for Mud Bog

  • Racer will pay 20.00 entry fee.

  • Each class will have 2 passes.

  • 100% pay back.

  • Registration starts at 11:00 am.

  • Any driver using drugs or alcohol before or during a race will not be permitted to run. No refund will be given.

  • At any time, while at Tri County 4 wheelers, vehicles must be operated by a qualified driver.

  • The speed limit on Tri County 4 Wheelers grounds is 5 MPH – Do not break this rule!!

  • All drivers must wear a D.O.T. approved helmet and seat belts.

  • Passengers must wear a D.O.T. approved helmet and seat belts. This rule is at the discretion of Tri County 4 Wheelers.

  • Eye protection is required with vehicles with no windshield.

  • Classes are determined by tire size.

  • No grinding off tire size. Size must be visible.

  • Cut tires and tractor tire will be allowed to run.

  • All vehicles are allowed to change tires to run in another class.

  • All vehicles must have brakes.

  • All vehicles must have proper hook in the rear. If hook up breaks while being towed, driver must re-hook.

  • If a Tri County 4 Wheelers official is not comfortable with hooking the cable, the driver will hook and unhook.

  • No loose gear or equipment in vehicle during run.

  • All plastic, aluminum or stainless fuel cells must have a positive locking cap & be securely fastened and vented.

  • Batteries must be fastened down.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct by any driver or member of their pit crew is prohibited. Any such behavior will result in disqualification and forfeit all winnings without a refund.

  • Any contact with the guard rail in the pit during a run will result in disqualification for that run.


A – Up to 35” DOT

B – 36” – 39.5” DOT

C – 40” -- 44" DOT 

D – 46" -- 54" DOT

E - Tractor tires

F - Open, no nitrous

G - Open, nitrous

I - 4 & 6 Cylinder, no nitrous


1st - 10 points

2nd - 8 points

3rd - 6 points

4th - 4 points

5th - 2 points

show up - 1 point

Points do not follow driver to jump classes. Points stay with driver within the class signed up to run.

Event Chairpersons:

Chris Pyles
Cherie Syppko 
Damian Gostey

To find us CLICK HERE
Tri County 4 Wheelers

Mud Bog Tri County's Mud Bog is one of the most challenging facilities of its kind in the eastern US. We sponsor several Mud Bogs each year. The "pit" is 200 feet long and no one knows how deep it is!